The Photo Getaway - You, raw beauty and memory cards that will take months to sort through. A trip planned for the purpose of capturing still images of wonderful places so that you may enjoy them forever and share them with friends and family. A few days spent taking memories to last a lifetime, here are 14 of the world’s best islands on which to do just that… oh to visit them all.

1. Santorini, Greece
The Island of Santorini in Greece
This photo is from the Island of Santorini in Greece. The humid climate provides the possibility of playing with foggy conditions at certain times of day.

2. Iceland
This picture of Iceland shows that it’s not always covered with snow. Cold weather can provide phenomenal clear skies and amazing lighting conditions.

3. Boracay
The Island of Boracay
Long sandy beaches to be photographed day or night along with beach cantinas to help quench your thirst and keep you chugging along with new ideas.

4. Seychelles
An island less travelled where you can spend time planning your photographs.

5. Phang-Nga Bay Phuket,Thailand
Phang-Nga Bay Phuket,Thailand
Also known as James Bond’s Island you’ll want to bring some good hiking shoes when you visit. You might also want to take an elephant ride along the beach.

6. Jamaica
Well known, popular and always a great place to be as a photographer.

7. Bali
The Island of Bali
This picture of Bali shows off one of it’s brilliant sunsets. hint-hint.

8. Maui
The Island of Maui
The volcanic nature of Maui can make for some golden opportunities.

9. Aruba
The Island of Aruba
Photography in Aruba demands that you bring your underwater photo gear.

10. Hvar
The Island of Hvar
An excellent place to take pictures of the rich at play.

11. Galapagos
The Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos islands are an excellent travel destination for photographers wanting to capture wildlife images from a wide variety of animals.

12. Anguilla
The Island of Anguilla
Pristine white sandy beaches make excellent backdrops for model photography.

13. Malta
If you were a pirate 400 years ago where would you hide your treasure?

14. Toronto - Center Island
Toronto's Center Island
I bet you didn’t see this last one coming! There is no “best” island to photograph and if there was it would probably be the one closest to you. Any island can provide absolutely stunning images to capture if you’re there at the right time with the right photo gear. When planning your next photo getaway do some extra research on special natural events that happen seasonally such as bird migrations or whale sightings. Timing is the second most important factor to taking excellent pictures after just being there!

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