Lowest Price Digital Camera

Understandably one of the criteria when shopping for a digital camera is the price. Too often people will look at a price and judge the quality by this only factor. The truth is that you can find great digital cameras at low cost. The best lowest price digital camera can be found when looking at bargains or when a product is discontinued. You can even find the lowest price digital camera by keeping your bids low in auctions… At one point you are bound to get the winning bid.

Lowest price digital camera by price range

Digital camera under $20 - at this price range you can mostly find key chains and ultra compact digital cameras but some are still pretty complete with Still Images, Video, PC Camera… Perfect for sharing images on the internet or creating your web pages. The ultra compact are not just for beginners, many intermediate users will use these as well. And they are great for travelers as well.

Digital camera in the $20 - $50 price range - again we can find many key chains camera in this price range but Jazz seems to be beating the competition with great cameras offering LCD displays preview screen, Internal Memory plus memory cards to store more pictures, digital zoom, and video recording.

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Lowest price under $20

Vuepoint and Argus digital camera

Lowest Price Digital Camera Price Comparison - April 24, 2017
Lowest Price Digital Camera
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Lowest price in the $20 - $50 price range

Jazz JDC-64 : 3.0 Mega Pixel Camera With 1.5 TFT LCD

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