Long exposure photography can produce extraordinarily stunning results when exposure times and conditions are perfect. Likewise they can produce frustration with many interesting but “almost” there results. Practice makes perfect, take a look at these long exposure photography samples…

1. Long Exposure Fireworks
Long Exposure Fireworks
What’s interesting about this fireworks picture is that what you are seeing isn’t what the people in the picture saw. The long trails in the foreground fade away in person. Imagine the wow factor if the crowd saw those long trails too ?

2. Long Exposure Winding Road
Long Exposure Winding Road
I love the way the road in this picture is multi-directional, it leads to having many colors brighten up the picture. I particularly like the bright reds in the corners and slight pinks where cars naturally start slowing down. Setup for this picture included a Nikon D50 with 12-24mm lens, 117.4 second exposure (587/5), an f/22 aperture, a focal length of 14 mm, exposure bias 0/6 EV and an ISO speed of 200.

3. London Tower Bridge Long Exposure
London Tower Bridge Long Exposure
Perhaps the worlds most famous bridge strikes up an interesting contrast between the old and the new. Old style architecture meets new world hustle and bustle in this stunning sample photo by MSH.

4. Helsinki Airport
Helsinki Airport
This long exposure of a plane taking off at Helsinki airport stirs the imagination. It makes one wonder where the road in the sky leads doesn’t it?

5. Bridge over the I-90 near Seattle
Seattle Long Exposure
This terrific panorama of Seattle is taken from a bridge above the I-90 by a talented photographer and his patient girlfriend. The shot is comprised of 5 different long exposure photos with a lot of attemptes to get each one just right.

6. Waterfall Long Exposure
Waterfall Long Exposure
This particularly well accomplished waterfall long exposure is impressive thanks in part to it’s clarity. It is an excellent example of a daytime long exposure shot and was taken with a Canon 5D digital camera using an neutral density (ND) filter on a 100-400mm lens with a 15 second exposure.

7. Star Trails
Star Trails
Star trails are a lot of fun and Andrew Stawarz composed this stunning photograph from a series of 102 he took on a cold night recently. Andrew took the time to set up his shot just right, you can read his descriptions by following his credit link, and in one final picture he painted the building using a 3w light during a 30 second exposure. The mark of a good star trail photo, you feel dizzy.

8. Dock Picture
Dock Picture
I absolutely love the texture of the water near the closest parts of the dock. Excellent photo of the Decateur Boat Harbor Lee.

9. Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
MumbleyJoe captured this 114 second photo of Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California that is only possible on one night per year during a 20 minute window. Once per year the lighthouse turns off its modern lighting equipment and switches to the kerosene lanterns it used 135 years ago. To please photographers there is a 20 minute delay before the lens begins rotating when the lanterns are fired up. credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

The potential results of long exposure photography are inspiring aren’t they ?!

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