Ihagee was a camera manufacturing company located in Dresden Germany until 1970 when it was absorbed by Pentacon and Ihagee camera production was stopped. Since being founded by Johan Steenbergen in 1912 Ihagee successfully designed and sold a significant number of camera models including the Corona, a wooden travel camera available in 5 sizes, and various models of now popular again Exakta cameras.

Interesting facts: In 1942, at the onset of WWII, Johan Steenbergen left his company and in April of 1945 his factory was bombed by the allies. The company was re-established after the war by the Soviet Union and later Pentacon took over production of existing Exacta camera models. Steenbergen returned to Germany and formed a new company called Ihagee West in 1959 but after his death in 1967 the company closed its doors nine years later.

The following Ihagee Cameras and parts are currently at auction.

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