Future of Digital photography 2009

The world of photography has changed allot since the first camera was invented. From a big awkward box that allowed minimum control to the smaller camera that was made accessible to average consumer was a big improvement. Chemical technology did his part on making better films to capture the images and then some for instant development as we had seen on the Polaroid. Then digital cameras became popular and revolutionized the world of photography. We saw many improvements and it opened up a new way of living as we saw digital imaging being utilized in so many different ways. Photo radars as used by law enforcers and cellular phones with incorporated digital photography for example.

How digital cameras evolve

Well, digital photography has evolved with companies trying to please the end-users with their new digital cameras. We saw the prices of digital cameras become an obstacle of the past to people wanting to get initiated with this new tool. As we kept seeing the price of photo developing become more and more expensive the price of a digital camera became more justifiable.

Space became more precious as well. Storing the pictures in photo albums or for some people with shoebox as storing space, film photography became an inconvenience and seen more and more as a dust collecting object rather than seeing it as souvenir objects. The size of the digital camera became more compact allowing to carry it with us anywhere we went. The size of the memory improved as well allowing greater picture storage capacity.

An other advantage seen in the digital photography world was the possibility to view on screen the picture that you had just taken, being able to chose if you wanted to keep the picture or take an other shot. Not to forget that with the LCD displays we didn’t have to stick a machine right on our face to view the shot we were about to take.

So what’s next ?

Is the future of digital photography a trend that will go out of fashion? Will we go back to film cameras? I certainly don’t think so. So what’s next ? I’m surprised that Polaroid didn’t come out with a digital camera that has the photo printer incorporated into it. We already see printers that accept direct connection from digital cameras so there isn’t even the need for a computer anymore.

This is where we are at and what the future of digital photography holds for 2009
Digital cameras with multiple processors allowing faster computing of the digital pictures being taken. We can now take over 60 pictures per second. The new cameras now have features that surpasses the simple red eye removal that previous camera where showing off about. Anti-vibration, multiple faces recognition, better adaptation to different lighting situations. The digital photography experience is brought to a new level as digital cameras offer better incorporated software which allows more than simply adding a frame to a picture. We can now ad previously recorded movie clips taken with the camera to pictures. Yes, that’s right! Digital cameras that allow you to cut, copy and paste your pictures and movie clips to one an other.

Resolution will keep getting better. It will become more and more user friendly. And the future of digital camera will be evolving mainly around incorporating new software.
The new line that Casio is putting out on the market for the month of march 2009 is loaded with new features that can be updated with digital camera software downloads

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