Vintage Cameras are highly collectible cameras that haven't been produced in years and have become extremely popular to enthusiasts and collectors. Camera collecting is a special hobby, some compare vintage cameras to "eyes from the past" and will argue that "todays cameras can't take pictures that look the same as in the old days". Finding and maintaining vintage cameras is also fun.

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Polaroid CameraPolaroid Cameras for sale at auction - The Polaroid camera was the first instant developing picture camera designed by Edwin Land.

Polaroid Cameras

Kodak Brownie CameraThe Kodak Brownie Camera has been in production since 1900 and is a popular vintage collectible as seen in the auction for sale listings.

Kodak Brownie Cameras

Ihagee CameraIhagee Cameras - Vintage Cameras produced by Ihagee founder Johan Steenbergen in Dresden Germany, 1912-1970 including the popular Exakta camera.

Ihagee Cameras

Zeiss Ikon CameraZeiss Ikon Cameras for sale at auction - With over 100 years of storied dedication to innovation Zeiss Ikon cameras remain in demand.

Zeiss Ikon Cameras