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Casio, as many other companies, has been in business under various names. It was in April 1946 that Tadao Kashio started the root of that company with the name Kashio Seisakujo.

The name Casio first appeared in June 1957. Its full name Casio Computer Co., Ltd. It was established as the development and production company for relay calculators. It was 30 years later that they had their first electronic still camera. And in March 1995 the QV-10 was their first digital camera with LCD.

Casio has set new world records and is often recognized as worlds first through the years in the world of digital cameras
In 2002: EX-S1 worlds thinnest; WQV-1 World's first wristwatch with digital camera...
In 2004: World's smallest optical-zoom...
Last year in 2008: EX-S10 World's smallest and thinnest 10.1 megapixel; And EX-F1 world's fastest burst shooting performance.
Casio will surely keep surprising us.

Casio's future of digital photography 2009 is a very good year.

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