Backligh photography consist of doing what almost every digital camera manual will tell you not to do… Placing the light source behind the subject. Using such photography technique will trick the camera light sensor into believing that the light source is strong while in fact the subject being photographed has less light than it’s surrounding.

Sometimes you don’t need the subject to be well lighted to know who it is. Backlighting will often result in a picture with a dreamy feel to it. Leaving place to the imagination to fantasize.

Enjoy these backlight photography samples.

1. Backlight at Disney Land
Backlight at Disney Land
When talking about dreamy feeling, where else could be a place that brings more to the imagination than Disney land? This picture has won contests and been mention many places.

2. Backlight Silhouette Wasp
Backlight Silhouette Wasp
Back light photography is also a good way to turn the ugly into something interesting. Although ugly is only a matter of an individual opinion and that all living creatures are beautiful. Sometimes, trying to please to a broader audience needs a few tricks.

3. Backlight interesting.jpg
Backlight interesting.jpg
How often are we going to see grass pictured in a simple aim and shoot? To make a photography interesting, backlighting is a useful tool. Here we can see a relation between the sun and life. And in this photography the sun, even if it’s behind some wheat, still seam blinding.

4. Backlight sky
Backlight sky
We can recognize things simply by the shape that they have. Here we can definitely see Super Man in the sky!

5. Backlight intimacy
Backlight intimacy
Backlighting is also a great way to preserve intimacy. A picture that you put on the internet when talking about vacation might be fun to show but do you really want everyone to know who is on the picture?

6. Backlight photography is an art that needs practice
Backlight photography is an art that needs practice
Sometimes backlight photography can be frustrating. It is not easy to obtain a quality picture. In this picture of an Aston Martin DB7, No matter how nice the subject is, the back lighting has damaged the beauty. And this is probably why we can read in every digital camera manual to have the light in front of the subject being photograph.

7. Backlight shadows
Backlight shadows
Often, the best results are when we are in the line of the shadow. Like on this guitar photography, the image we see is mostly the shadow with some light going through.

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Go and aim your camera at the light. Put the light source behind your subject, try different settings. You don’t have to follow the digital camera owners manual completly. Express yourself through photography

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  2. [...] So you like this page? You should look at the pictures of The 14 Best Islands To Plan A Photo Getaway On [...]

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